How to Create Folders to Organize Messages in Yahoo! Mail

When you open your Yahoo email box, you find cluttered emails in your inbox. All your official and personal emails are scattering in different folders and you are unable to find out an important one. Tackling an account inbox clutter may seem an impossible task for Yahoo users, but it’s not difficult. You need to contribute your little bit of time for organizing messages in a perfect manner.

Now, don’t let your account inbox look messy as creating a folder will definitely help you in organizing your emails. Labeling or creating a folder like official, finance, shopping, helps in keeping your emails in an organized manner. So in future, whenever you need to find an email related to latest deals on clothes, you can click on Shopping folder.

Mail account permits you to create up to 200 custom folders, and it’s actually easy to create on desktop, mobile app, and mobile versions of the website.

Go through the instructions given below and create a folder for keeping everything at a required place.

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Instructions for creating folders on Desktop version

  • Begin the procedure for creating folder by log into Yahoo email account.
  • Now, on the left side of your Yahoo account mail page, underneath all the default folders, you need to discover the one just labeled as Folders on the system screen.
  • After that you need to hover your mouse over it and later on tap on Create a new folder icon or you can right-hit on the folder and select Create folder.
  • With this, a textbox will be shown on the screen and you can name the folder.
  • Finally, hit enter after selecting a custom folder name.

Directives for creating a folder in Mobile App:

  • Open your Yahoo email account on your mobile phone.
  • And tap the menu which is at the top left of the app.
  • After that you need to scroll to the Folder area where your custom folders are situated.
  • Later on click create a new folder.
  • Now, you need to name the folder.
  • Lastly, Tap Save.

Follow the steps for mobile browser version:

ü Initially, tap the hamburger menu.

ü Then, click Add Folder which is next to the My Folders section.

ü And name the folder.

ü Afterwards, tap Add.

ü Last but not the least, tap the Inbox link for going back to your mail.

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Easy Access to Yahoo Email Account Which Is Blocked

Email service providers have automated systems which keep a constant check on all online accounts created and operational across the globe. At times when any suspicious or insecure account related activity is pre-empted or suspected, suitable corrective measures are taken, which includes blocking of certain accounts which have a higher probability of being hacked. Customers can face issues with their email account getting blocked on a variety of reasons, a few of which are mentioned below:-

  1. At times, when customers repeatedly enters incorrect password for consecutive number of times, it is taken as a malicious attempt to intrude into someone else email account. Therefore, many a time, the corresponding account gets blocked
  2. Secondly, if there is any security breach from an email account i.e. an account being logged on a completely different geography or from a different IP address etc, email accounts may get blocked owing to security concerns

There are many other situations as well, all of which come under the purview of the Yahoo Customer Support team. The team first checks the source of the issue and then routes the complaints to the corresponding team specifically designed to take care of those issues. In case the problem is with the recovery of password, the issue is forwarded to the Yahoo Password Recovery team and so on. In such cases, the team first checks the authenticity of the user, as to whether the user is the actual owner of the account or not. This is done using the keys to the hint questions which were set while registering for the account. Once the authentication of the users are done and confirmed, a verification link us sent to the registered contact points of the users. The users can then use this link to recover their account.

The same process can be done by users following the series of steps as highlighted in the account as well. However, for this, users must ensure that they have at-least one of alternate email address and mobile number registered to the account. These are valid contact points using which the customer care team gets in touch with the respective customer. Customers can get in touch with the Yahoo Customer Support team via their toll free help line number which is available 24 * 7. In case this network is congested, customers can also contact the team of experts using other mode of communication such as email services, live chat conversation as well as via social media.

Yahoo Phone Number Is One Of The Known Ways To Remove Hurdles

Yahoo-A Detailed account is here! ‘Yahoo’ is shortened for ‘Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle’. It has gained high success as it is a well-known American multinational Internet organization. Being one of the leading companies, it offers variety of services like web portal, groups, directory, search engine, email services, news, finance, video sharing and many more. It is almost more than half billion people across the world rely on using this web mail client. However, being useful, amazing, most used, still problem persists where technical solution need to acquire. Yahoo tech support companies offer extreme help via Yahoo phone number.

Yahoo phone number-Prime Medium To contact tech support:

Most of the Yahoo tech support companies consider phone service as best way out because it helps in marinating direct contact of the clients with tech professionals. The popularity of tech support companies is increasing to a high scale that you are unable to anticipate which one is useful and which one is fake. There are very few companies, who consider it their prime concern to resolve Yahoo technical issues from the sole of their heart. Surprisingly, there are few of them who have dedication and determination to provide help to clients. The common thing with all the companies is that that they all use phone as the medium to make worth solutions and availing best recommendations.

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List Of Problems Where Yahoo Contact Number Is Mandatory To Have?

  • Yahoo email password recovery
  • Yahoo Email Account Locked
  • Repair email, contacts, and restore mail settings
  • Recover password on a mobile device
  • Offer help in knowing how to create the new password
  • Help in creating strong and secure password
  • Provide help in setting up the password
  • Help in changing the Yahoo theme
  • Provide tips regarding Yahoo mail issues
  • Help in recovering lost and forgotten password
  • Provide help when you are unable to access mailbox
  • Offer solution when you are unable to find emails in Inbox
  • Proffer solution for Yahoo mail ID search
  • Support for storing the retrieved information in the system
  • Help in changing the Security question
  • Help in resetting the password

Quickly acquire Yahoo phone number for help:  Most of the Yahoo tech companies provide help for the above mentioned problems. There are few which are known to offer help at the specific point like only password solutions or emailing issues. We offer help for every small to big problem of yours with Yahoo.


Today, Yahoo has become a household name in mailing service. To live up to the competition they are also coming up with new contents and applications. This is enriching their products. Yahoo mail of Yahoo Inc. is one of the admired free email service providers.  You can access your Yahoo email through any web server.

Yahoo has been one of the best and the largest provider of free web-based email id provider. Most of the people across the world have been quite keen to know more about yahoo mail. It is one of the easiest and the best free web email providers and the service provided by yahoo is simply awesome. There is no doubt that Yahoo has been one of the best free email providers and its service is simply awesome but still you might face various problems with yahoo mail. If you face any problem with your Yahoo Account just give us a call @ 1-800-709-6732 & our certified technician is always there to help you.

Solving the problem

Think you have come across a bug in your Yahoo Account? Do not worry. As your ‘friends’ for all Yahoo Account troubles are the live phone support team of the company who at just one call fixes all your problems in a cinch. By calling up the live phone support for spam related matters the user can easily overcome gratuitous snags. You can call the Yahoo Technical Support and recover your Yahoo Account.

Live phone support

The Yahoo Technical Support Contact Number or the Yahoo Helpline Number is a toll free number that is in use 365*24*7 at your service. Live phone will assure you relieve from all problems.

The technicians here provide reasonable, fast and user friendly trouble shooting steps. The Yahoo Technical Support team is a group of smart and intelligent people working towards the enlistment of the brand and its value. Yahoo Technical Support team through its acquired experience is capable to diagnose any issue in just about no time and fix the problem in a jiffy. One of the significant points here is their immediate response and attention to the problems of the users. Apart from knowing the know-how of the matter they are also equally groomed handle an irate customer.

Through effective and active support they have won the hearts of millions of users from across the world. You can call them up at time of the day and overcome issues in just no time.

Few words of precautions

It is always helpful to keep an eye of your own account as that helps to avoid some unwarranted incidents. Receiving spam or junk mails have become a very common issue these days. A statutory warning from the Yahoo mailing service that is always given out is the choice of a very strong password that will be a mixture of both alphabets and numbers.

Yahoo advises its users to keep changing the password quite often, so that a particular password is not used for a long time. However, a spam related matter can go out of proportion as times then it is imperative to take the help of the Yahoo customer care team.

Are you not able to login to your yahoo account step to recover account

Online Customers are most often apprehensive on situations when they are unable to log in to their Yahoo accounts even when they are quite sure of the account user name and password. The user feels that the account is no longer safe and all the contacts and information stored in the account are gone. This is, however, not the case. Owing to number of online accounts maintained by the users in this information age, there is a possibility that users may neglect some of the accounts and due to which these accounts may be in the dormant stage for a long periods of time. The Yahoo Customer Support service, in an attempt for better resource utilisation and safety measures, has automated certain batch jobs which deactivates these accounts because these accounts are soft targets for intruders to carry out their concealed operations. However, customers do have the option for recovering these accounts by following a set of steps which would guide them for recovering their account. The authenticity check for account recovery is more stringent as compared to other account related verification.

All account recovery requests are handled by the Yahoo Technical Support team, and the series of steps followed are mentioned and explained below:-

Steps 1 – When the user calls a customer care support service for recovering or reactivating his or her account, the first and foremost thing is the authenticity of the user. The user access the account information and asks few of the account related information like alternate email address and/or the mobile phone number, as well as a few of the hint questions which were provided while creating the account

Step 2 – It is mandatory for the user to answer the hint questions set by him during creation of the account. In case he is not able to answer, he has to fill a form sent by the Yahoo customer care executive, and update it back to him. Based on the information filled in the form, a Yahoo representative would contact the respective person and carry out the necessary steps. This step can be bypassed in case the user remembers the hint question.

The service level agreement for these kinds of requests is mostly from 2 days to a week. Based on the critical and complexity of the request, the time to recovery varies. Customers can feel free to get in touch with the Yahoo Customer Care number email solution personnel any time during the day via phone, chat, email as well as via social media.

How to Add a Folder in Yahoo Mail on iPad

There are many Yahoo users who are successfully using Yahoo on their iPad. But, at the same time there are also some users who are not aware of the complete features that they need to have the proper functionality of their Yahoo mail on iPad. Recently, some of the iPad user asked for adding folder in their Yahoo mail. If you are also the one who is finding the same trouble then you should not get panic at all as you can easily add your Yahoo mail on iPad.

Apple has provided a special method through which you can add folder in a very simple way on their device iPad. With this feature one can easily add folder and can manage their complete task. With this you can easily remove, create, delete or add folders in your Yahoo account. So, just have a look at the steps shown in this post and add folder with trouble.

Steps to add folder

  • Here, you first need to make login to your Yahoo app on your iPad.
  • Now, you need to go to the side menu and then need to click on ‘create a new folder’.
  • Click on the Image present there in side bar shown as Menu Icon.
  • Now, go to the bottom of the menu.
  • Click on image shown as Create new folder.
  • Now, you will find a Create Folder window.
  • Type the name in new folder.
  • Finally, click on save.

Steps for moving email to a folder

  • First, open the email you want to send.
  • Now, click on the image as Move Icon.
  • Now, you need to click on new folder image to add the icon of New Folder.
  • You will now find window as ‘Create Folder’.
  • Enter the new name for folder and click on save.

Steps to create subfolder

  • Click and hold the folder for which you need to create sub folder.
  • Now, you will find a folder management menu.
  • Now, click on create subfolder.
  • You will find window as Create Folder.
  • Type the name for sub folder.
  • Click on Save.

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This way you can easily add folder in your Yahoo account on your iPad. However, if you are still facing issues while adding folder on your iPad then you can dial a Yahoo technical support toll free help desk number to have fast and perfect solution directly with Yahoo experts.

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Recover your blocked yahoo account

Online customers have minimal idea and awareness as to why and when a user account gets blocked. Any email account can be blocked either by unauthorised usage by owner of the account, or certain illegal intrusion which has been pre-empted or caught by other users from across the globe. A few of the reasons or occasions when a user account can be blocked are mentioned below:-

  1. A user account can be blocked when the user unsuccessfully tries to log in to the account multiple times with the incorrect credentials. The system takes this as a security breach and locks out the account
  2. Secondly, there may be certain user accounts which may not have been used for long period of time. These dormant accounts are mostly used by intruders to carry out their unscrupulous and hidden activities. To prevent the possibility of the same, these dormant accounts are at times blocked.
  3. Thirdly, there are automated systems in place which tracks all user activities which occurs on a run time basis on all active accounts across the globe. In case of any suspicious activities caught by the system, the account can be blocked based on the critical of the issue.

Now in order to recover a blocked account, customers need to get in touch with the Yahoo Customer Support team. The team would first verify the authenticity of the user. This is done using the keys to the hint questions which the user had set while creating the account. In case the user is not able to answer the correct keys to the hint questions, it becomes extremely difficult to retrieve the account. In such cases, the user is sent a form which needs to be filled and sent back to the customer support team. The form would then be scanned by the customer support team and then a decision on account recovery would be taken within a service level agreement of one to two weeks.

However, if the authentication process is completed successfully, the user would be sent a link or a verification code on the registered contact points, using which the user can recover their account. Users, however, are requested to change their password in the first log in itself, as these are system generated and can be easily tracked. All online users can get in touch with the mail toll free for Customer Support team via the toll free help line network. Apart from that, the team is also accessible over email services, chat as well as through the interactive online forum at their social media page.