How to Install Epson Printer 2630 Drivers on Windows 10

Whether you have bought a brand new or a second hand Epson printer 2630 printer, it is necessary to install driver software for the machine in order to start using it. Without installing the driver software, you will not be able to make your printer works. Though it is easy for both Mac users and Windows users to easily install drivers and start using Epson 2630 Printer, however, if you are using Windows 10 operating, you may face difficulties setting up your Epson 2630 printer. To know how to quickly install and start using your Epson 2630 Printer on Windows 10, the following guide can be quite handy.

Steps to Install Epson 2630 Printer Driver Software on Windows 10

1.) Turn On your Epson 2630 printer and your Windows 10 running computer. Make sure the devices are running fine.

2.) Now, you will need to connect your Epson 2630 printer to the computer using a USB cable. You may need to buy a USB cable as USB cables are not provided by the company with the product when bought. Moreover, there are multiple ways to connect your computer and printer like Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet gateway, etc. But here we will be guiding the steps using USB cable.

3.) Next, if you have the Driver Software installation disk for your printer, you can use that or you can download the Driver Software setup from the Epson’s official website.

4.) Once downloaded, you may need to extract the Driver Software in case they are in a zipped file.

5.) After extracting, double click on the Epson 2630 file setup. A new window will open. Choose the option Select a printer port manually.

6.) Then, select port Epson 2630 printer in use and click OK to install Driver Software.

7.) Wait until the installation process gets completed successfully. Once the process gets completed, you will see a message which reads – Printer driver installation and port configuration were completed successfully.

Now, In case your computer is already connected to multiple printers,  selecting a default printer becomes necessary. So, if you want to set the Epson 2630 as your default printer, you can do this by selecting the Epson 2630 printer under Control Panel > Devices and Printers. Right-click on it and clicking on the option Set as default printer. So, next time when you give a print command, the document will get printed by the default Epson 2630 printer.

Note: In case you are unable to find driver software of Epson 2630 printer for Windows 10, you can try installing the driver software for Windows 8.

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