Easy Access to Yahoo Email Account Which Is Blocked

Email service providers have automated systems which keep a constant check on all online accounts created and operational across the globe. At times when any suspicious or insecure account related activity is pre-empted or suspected, suitable corrective measures are taken, which includes blocking of certain accounts which have a higher probability of being hacked. Customers can face issues with their email account getting blocked on a variety of reasons, a few of which are mentioned below:-

  1. At times, when customers repeatedly enters incorrect password for consecutive number of times, it is taken as a malicious attempt to intrude into someone else email account. Therefore, many a time, the corresponding account gets blocked
  2. Secondly, if there is any security breach from an email account i.e. an account being logged on a completely different geography or from a different IP address etc, email accounts may get blocked owing to security concerns

There are many other situations as well, all of which come under the purview of the Yahoo Customer Support team. The team first checks the source of the issue and then routes the complaints to the corresponding team specifically designed to take care of those issues. In case the problem is with the recovery of password, the issue is forwarded to the Yahoo Password Recovery team and so on. In such cases, the team first checks the authenticity of the user, as to whether the user is the actual owner of the account or not. This is done using the keys to the hint questions which were set while registering for the account. Once the authentication of the users are done and confirmed, a verification link us sent to the registered contact points of the users. The users can then use this link to recover their account.

The same process can be done by users following the series of steps as highlighted in the account as well. However, for this, users must ensure that they have at-least one of alternate email address and mobile number registered to the account. These are valid contact points using which the customer care team gets in touch with the respective customer. Customers can get in touch with the Yahoo Customer Support team via their toll free help line number which is available 24 * 7. In case this network is congested, customers can also contact the team of experts using other mode of communication such as email services, live chat conversation as well as via social media.


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