Not able to signed in get Microsoft Skype account support

Microsoft designed this amazing application which we can use for instant messaging, chat, voice call and video calls too: Skype. A Skype user can not only exchange text and video messages but can share digital content too via Skype.

There is common problem with Skype users that unable to sign-in their respective Skype account. If you are facing problem while signing-in or not able to sign in then you can take help from these tricks. First you need to confirm whether you are using the latest version or not. No, then download the latest version and try once again, if problem still persist then try these tricks.

Check Internet Connection

You need to make sure that you are connected with internet which have to be in a proper working condition. Skype require a decent amount of internet speed; if lack then you might find the trouble. You can simply check your internet connection and speed by surfing your browser and open websites like; or

Access the Sign-in Screen

If you are able to get to the Sign-in screen then you can try some other tricks but if you are unable to get to the Sign-in screen then there is some issue with your installed Skype program. In such case simply uninstall and re-install Skype in your computer or mobile device. This will sort out the problem for most of users.



Are you using the correct user name or password?

This is quite common that users forget username or password and struggle to get into their respective Skype account. If you are not sure then better to try signing-in on Skype Web so you can get a better understanding. And if won’t work then you can try “Problem Signing-in” page.

System Compatibility

The latest version of Skype require a minimum system requirement which includes OS version, processor speed, RAM speed and space on your disk. If you are missing any of these then chances are that you will find difficulties while signing-in. You should always make sure that you computer system or mobile phone fulfill minimum system requirement criteria.

Need help? Skype phone support customer service for technical support now you can dial 1-800-709-6732 toll free number and we will help you instantly.

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